The Educating Bilingual Learners Online Graduate Certificate is comprised of four required 3-credit courses (12 credits in total) offered in the semesters listed below.

Summer Fall Spring
EDCI 5742 - Sheltered English Instruction for ELLs 8/28-12/8/23 1/16-4/26/24
EDCI 5750 - Language Diversity & Literacy 1/16-4/26/24
EDCI 5875 - Multicultural Education 7/10-8/18/23 8/28-12/8/23* 1/16-4/26/24*
EDCI 5890 - Educational Linguistics 1/16-4-26/24

EDCI 5890 – Educational Linguistics
Overview of the study of language and linguistics, and especially applied linguistics, with emphasis on their implications for classroom teachers. Includes principles of second language acquisition.

EDCI 5875 – Multicultural Education - * Taught 'in person only' in fall 2023 and spring 2024
Interrelationships between education and various sociocultural aspects of cultural diversity and cultural pluralism, including language acquisition and diversity.

EDCI 5742 – Sheltered English Instruction for ELLs 
Current approaches and techniques with respect to academic language development in sheltered environments. This course attempts to disclose the most important issues surrounding content area teaching for English Language Learners (ELLs). Special attention is placed on the teaching of mathematics, science, and literacy in English for second language learners, including second language acquisition and development within the content areas.

EDCI 5750 – Language Diversity and Literacy
Overview of issues and debates concerning the theory and practice of literacy development for non-native English speaking students in the United States. Includes principles of second language acquisition.